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6ft 16x24 Full Plait Black and Tan
6ft 16x24 Half Plait Black and Tan

Our Whipmakers Cord Australian Stock whips are made just like we make our kangaroo whips only plaited using Whipmakers Cord, not leather.

Whipmakers Cord is like 550 Paracord only thinner and flat.  It was designed to be like the Dacron cord that is used to make whips, but this comes in more colors!!  It makes a whip that moves and cracks more like a leather whip!!!!  Because of its size it also lays nicer and flatter especially when doing fancy 24 Plait Pattern work. 

Our Whipmakers Cord Stock whips are naturally balanced, with a plaited belly and a 16 Plait overlay.  The thong of the whip is balanced just past the double plaited keeper where the thong is attached to the handle.   This whip features a half plaited Tohiti cane handle.  The thong is attached to the handle using a plaited keeper that is firmly attached to the handle and covered in a standard whipping.   They come standard with a 19”-21” Half Plait Handle. Contact us if you would like a shorter or longer handle or interested in a Full Plait Handle.

Australian stock whips differ from other whips

Stock whips are measured from the keeper where the thong is attach to the handle to the end of the plaited thong where the fall is attached at the end.    Whipmakers cord stock whips are available in 4 foot to 7 foot lengths.  Contact us about other Custom options. 

If there are requests to make a change to any standard whip designs, you need to email us before placing an order to discuss.

Matching Sets are also Available. If you would like a matching set just order 2 of the same item and we will make them as a matching set.

Lead times for orders may vary from two weeks to four months depending on the availability of colors and time of year. Feel free to contact us for our current lead time for custom orders.

whipmakers Cord.jpg

*Colors are indicative only. However because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Colors* may also vary due to differences in dye lots.  The colors will also darken when plaited and greased.

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