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Whip Maker Evan Fava
Proud Member of
Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association

Evan Fava grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He has always and still does have love for the ocean and surfing, though he does not have much time for either at the moment.


At the age of 13, his family traveled to Australia. Of course, this was the opportunity to surf. This is when his love for the country and its cultures grew. Little did he know then just how much of an influence it would have later in life and his love for Australian stock whips.


Evan has always or always is building or creating something. When he was younger, surf boards, skate board ramps, and things of that nature. As an adult Evan is now in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The home of horses, buggies, and leather. He started making several different things with leather, including the braiding of leather.


Evan the whip maker. For most people, it was Indiana Jones, Lash LaRue, Catwoman or someone else. Not Evan, he actually fell in love with the whip. While attending an event, Evan first heard the crack and followed the sound. Who doesn’t? He watched as the gentlemen threw long whips. Amazed by the slow flowing movement. After conversations with the whip throwers, hours upon hours of reading articles on the internet, books, and watching videos Evan decides to create his first kangaroo whip. As time went on he continued learning through trial and error until he became proficient in kangaroo whip making and later in nylon whip making. And he hasn’t stopped since.


Being a fulltime whip maker you have limited times of the day when you can go out and throw whip. One spring Evan decided to purchase nylon to make whips. He loves watching the spray from throwing in the rain or snow. Techniques learned from making the nylon whips and leather whips carry over to each other. From the smallest to the largest details, nothing is overlooked while creating whips.


Every new whip is amazing, because he strives to make it better than the last whip. He plays with colors. He plays with patterns. Evan is always trying new techniques, and has also learned a lot from the local leatherworkers. Every whip has balance, accuracy, quality and style.


He has fun when he creates his whips, and it shows!


If you are nearby, contact Evan, and…LET’S GO THROW WHIP TOGETHER!

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