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Whip Maker Evan Fava
Proud Member of
Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association

Meet Evan Fava, a craftsman hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose love for the ocean and surfing has been a lifelong passion. Despite the constraints on his time, Evan's connection to the waves remains strong.

At the age of 13, Evan's family journeyed to Australia, where he discovered his love for surfing and the rich cultural tapestry of the country. Little did he realize the lasting impact this experience would have, shaping his affinity for Australian stock whips.

From a young age, Evan has been a builder and creator, crafting surfboards and skateboard ramps in his youth. Now based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the land of horses, buggies, and leather, Evan has translated his creativity into leatherworking, mastering the art of braiding.

Evan, known as the whip maker, didn't fall for the typical inspirations like Indiana Jones or Catwoman. Instead, his fascination with the whip began at an event where he witnessed the mesmerizing crack and flow of long whips. Hours of research, conversations with whip enthusiasts, and trial and error led Evan to master kangaroo whip making and later nylon whip making.

As a full-time whip maker, Evan explored the versatility of nylon whips, finding joy in the spray of rain or snow during his throws. His expertise in both leather and nylon whip making intertwines, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

For Evan, each whip is a new opportunity for improvement. He experiments with colors, patterns, and techniques, continually learning from both experience and collaboration with local leatherworkers. Every whip Evan creates embodies a perfect blend of balance, accuracy, quality, and style.

Evan's passion shines through in every whip he creates. If you're in the vicinity, reach out to Evan, and let's go throw whip together – because for him, creating whips is not just a craft; it's an expression of joy and creativity.

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