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SaddleTan half plait Stockwhip
8 x 12 Plait
12 x 16 Plait

A stock whip is the traditional Australian whip. It is preferred by Australian stockmen, performers, sport crackers, and competition whip crackers. It is considered as the best working whip ever created. It has been suggested that the stock whip has evolved from the English hunting whip, but has developed into a form that is unique to Australia. The difference is the solid handle and separate thong, which allows the gathered thong to easily hang over a person’s arm or neck.


To explain the working parts of the Australian stock whip, it has 5 parts.  A Handle (also called the Stock), the Keeper, the Thong, the Fall, and the Cracker.


The keepers on the thong and the handle are joined together and create a joint, which can allow the whip to be used from any angle or direction. The handle is being used as a pivoting point for the thong. The stock whip is known for accuracy, high speed, and loud cracks.


The stock whip is used for two handed whip cracking competitions that have gained popularity in recent years. Stock whips are the perfect type of whip for the fast and complicated routines created by the competitors.  These competitions include using two whips in amazing maneuvers all around the body of the person wielding the whips. It is definitely something to see. Children as young as 3 years of age use Australian stock whips for sports cracking and maybe someday they will enter competitions.


Plait count for stock whips is done differently than other whips the first number represents the plait count for the thong and the second number represents the plait count for the handle. As an example, an 8 x 12 whip would have an 8-plait thong and a 12-plait handle.


The length of a Stock Whip is also done differently than other whips the measurement is of the plaited thong (from the keeper to where the fall is attached).  It does not include the handle, fall and cracker.


Our Half Plait Handle Stock Whips are made using Tohiti Cane for the handle 18”-21” long which is then plaited half way down the handle using 1st grade Veg tanned kangaroo hide leaving a section of cane exposed then a kangaroo hide keeper is attached to the end of the handle.  The thong is made using the same design methods developed in Australia utilizing a kangaroo hide plaited belly and bolsters and doubled keeper.  Which the kangaroo hide overlay is then plaited over.  Half plait handles are a stiffer than the full plait handles allowing for a quicker recovery between cracks


Matching Sets are also Available. If you would like a matching set just order 2 of the same item and I will make them as a matching set


Contact us if you would like a shorter or longer handle. Stock Whips are available from 4 foot to 8 foot lengths and are available in 12 or 16 Plait. Contact us about higher plait counts and other Custom options.

If there are requests to make a change to any standard whip designs, you should email me before placing an order to discuss.

Each Whip is hand crafted to order. Lead times for orders may vary from two weeks to four months depending on the availability of hides and time of year. Feel free to contact us for our current lead time for custom orders.

*Colors are indicative only. However because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Colors* may also vary due to differences in dye lots.  The colors will also darken when plaited and greased.

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