We make all types of other Custom-Made plaited and leather items from Plaited Wine and Champagne Glasses, Plaited Kangaroo Hat Bands, and Whip Holsters.

A quality whip if properly used and well maintained should last generations.  Stockmen pass down their whips from generation to generation.  These Accessories will help maintain your whip and keep it performing like new.

5pk Nylon Crackers

5 pack of replacement twisted nylon crackers/poppers

Aluminum Tanned Latigo Whip Fall

Replacement Aluminum Tanned Latigo

Whip Fall

Pacards Leather Dressing


Whip Holster

Use this whip holster to keep your whip curled up, use it to attach it to your belt, or just use it to hang up your whip.

Plaited Wine Glass

Wine Glasses with 12 Plait Stems Accented with a Turks Head Knot

$25 Each
10 Plait Kangaroo Hat Band

10 Plait Adjustable Kangaroo Hide Plaited Hat Band




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EF Whips - Handcrafted Kangaroo and Nylon Whips custom made to order by Evan Fava.

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